Apr 26, 2011

Apartment Affection

My affections for apartments run deep and I delight living in the middle of the city.  I lived in a hotel/apartment building for many years and I became enamored at the lifestyle that followed.  I don't know what it is, the cafe/bar convenience on the first floor, the room service on the days when I was staying in (usually with a cold), the kept surroundings without lifting the broom... the warm hello at the entrance?   Oh la la... I guess its time to go back to the city.

So, with this particular affection of mine I've decided to seek apartments throughout the world and share them with you here, once a week.

Lets start with Geometrix Design which held my interest and left me a little breathless...

What do you think?

Apr 25, 2011


If I don't see Scarlett around for a while I start looking for her.  Suddenly I spot her and get closer.. quietly...

She is sound asleep, I shall not wake her.  But she is so cuddly and cute... I go around..

And yes sound asleep on her tail, a little bit of her tooth showing.. oh she is adorable...

Oh sorry, darling, did I wake you?

And that's how I spend my days sometimes. 

Apr 24, 2011

Design Your Time

The red clock tells the time in words, in 5 minute intervals.  A perfect square (45cm x45cm)  hovering at the wall.  In case you want to send me a gift....

Chandelier, plant, pots, and a swing I would happily hang in the middle of a room.... but a clock?  I think it works!  By Spanish clock designer Jose Maria Reina, Nomon is the brand name.

Arcoiris, rainbow in Spanish.  Cockoo clock made of resin, by Italian designer Raffaele Darra, can be hung or just leave it sitting pretty on your desk.  The Cockoo can be switched off at any time in case you are not in the mood...

Apr 21, 2011

Sacred and Profane Love

I am a lover of Renaissance paintings.... Let me tell you a little about this one...

Artist: Titian

Year: c1514
Oil on Canvas
279cms x 118cms
Title uncertain: Sacred and Profane Love, but apparently also called 
Venus and The Bride.
Commissioned by Niccolo Aurelio to celebrate his marriage to 
Laura Bagarotto. 
She is sitting next to cupid and assisted by Venus.

At Galleria Borghese (Rome, Italy), but it should really be on 
my wall, Auckland, NZ.

Apr 20, 2011

Lagerfeld and Coke

Well, I didn't know, Lagerfeld designing for Coke..... the Light one, was that on purpose???  (My preference is classical Coke, but nobody asked me)

Via Plurielles

Paris Daily
  The above is the ad for it on a bus stop in France.

House on the Edge

Don't you think they went over the edge?  If you want a view...

Valparaiso - Chile

If I were to get a tattoo...

.. and it would have to be under duress (at gunpoint), I would get this..

Michael Green

Apr 11, 2011

Chilly chills

The weather is getting chilly and I'm reaching for my fluffy socks.  Someone out there should start making sexy lingerie out of flannel, I'm sure its doable. However, for the outerwear these are just fine...

Country Road

Country Road

Country Road

Country Road

On the Hunt...

For a knee high boot, how about this one... it is a boot in a boot, an over-the-knee boot inside a leather shoe on top of a sexy heel, a 3.5 inch heel.  Click on it for a close up.  $620 from Scarpa.